In Memory of United States Wildlife Officers.
This list includes officers who have died in the line of duty
since NAWEOA was incorporated in 1980.


ArthurA.Green IIIMichiganAugust 9, 2015Plane Crash
SethNULLGillisRhode IslandDecember 22, 2014Passed away after complications from an on duty injury.
JohnNULLCollumMississippiMay 9, 2014Vehicular assault
JoelLeeCamporaArkansasMay 31, 2013Drowned
MargaretNULLAndersonUS Park ServiceJanuary 1, 2012Gunfire
PaulBerchesStuckeyLouisianaSeptember 30, 2011Gunfire (Accidental)
DarylNULLGordonMaineMarch 24, 2011aircraft crash
DavidL.GrovePennsylvaniaNovember 11, 2010Shot arresting suspect.
ChristopherA.UptonUS Forest ServiceMarch 5, 2010Shot when hunters mistook him for game.
JosephAndrewMartynaFloridaNovember 16, 2008Heart attack
MontyNULLCarmikleArkansasNovember 16, 2008Aircraft accident
NathanMimsAlabamaNovember 11, 2008Heart attack
GeorgeHaroldWhatley Jr.TexasOctober 10, 2008Heart attack
MichelleLawlessFloridaOctober 27, 2007ATV Accident
Teyran "Ty"NULLPattersonTexasMay 30, 2007Drowning
DelmarH.TeaganFloridaApril 13, 2007Automobile Accident
JustinNULLHurstTexasMarch 17, 2007Murder
TomNULLClohertyU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceDecember 8, 2005Cardiac arrest
JeffChristensenUS Park ServiceJuly 29, 2005Head injury as a result of a fall.
JimMatkinLouisianaMarch 2, 2005Vehicle accident
SuzanneE.RobertsUS Park ServiceSeptember 14, 2004Rockslide
Jon "Kip"NULLDraperUtahJanuary 24, 2004Cardiac arrhythmia due to exertion and exposure.
WesleyNULLWagstaffTexasAugust 5, 2003Vehicle accident
JamesLansford (Lance)Horner Jr.AlabamaJune 22, 2003Drowned
DouglasW.BryantKentuckyMay 19, 2003Vehicle accident
ThomasPatrickO'HaraUS Park ServiceDecember 19, 2002Aircraft crash
MichaelAnthonyAndrewsMississippiNovember 11, 2002One vehicle accident responding to a headlighting call
JimNULLOltermanColoradoSeptember 4, 2002Aircraft crash
KristopherWilliamEggleUS Park ServiceAugust 19, 2002Was killed while assisting US Border Patrol agents
JimmyDouglasSawyerNorth CarolinaApril 5, 2002Passed away during a training exercise
JimmyD.HuttoAlabamaMarch 25, 2002Gun shot in the line of duty on March 8, 2002
CharlesT.RandallFloridaOctober 28, 2001Vehicle crash
RoyR.BurnsedFloridaOctober 26, 2001Vehicle crash
PhilK.MasonColoradoSeptember 3, 2001An accident while loading hay at a Wildlife Area
MichaelC.PaulingTexasAugust 2, 2001Murdered with a vehicle
JamesNULLMoenAlaskaJune 25, 2001Plane crash
JohnM.GarlingtonLouisianaFebruary 10, 2000On-duty drowning accident
SteveRenardMakuakane-JarrellUS Park ServiceDecember 12, 1999Shot and killed
RockyDarinWainwrightGeorgiaAugust 19, 1999ATV accident
GrantScottCoyourMinnesotaJune 11, 1999Aircraft crash
JamesV.Spignesi Jr.ConnecticutNovember 20, 1998Shot by deer hunter
StephenAllenBowmanUS Forest ServiceJune 27, 1998Helicopter crash
JoeDavidKolodskiUS Park ServiceJune 2, 1998Gun shot
KarlEugeneKelleyIndianaApril 17, 1998Drowning
LeonNULLHenderson Jr.LouisianaMarch 30, 1996Vehicle crash
CharlesNULLPulverNorth DakotaNovember 13, 1995Heart attack on duty
RobertE.Mahn Jr.US Park ServiceJanuary 17, 1994Snowmobile crash.
EstevanOrtizEscobedoArizonaJanuary 4, 1994Helicopter crash
PatrickDouglasWarnerWisconsinMay 24, 1993Heart attack on duty
WilliamNULLHanrahanMaineNovember 21, 1992Heart attack on duty
StephenNULLYoungUS Fish and Wildlife ServiceNovember 12, 1992Aircraft crash
KayNULLBowlesWyomingFebruary 20, 1992Heart attack while on duty.
RickyNULLDodgeLouisianaJanuary 20, 1992ATV acciden
LarryAllenHartOhioDecember 7, 1991Heart attack on duty
KirkD.InbergWyomingOctober 15, 1991Aircraft crash
KennethNULLAycockLouisianaJuly 6, 1991Boating accident
HiltonH.ShoemakeMississippiDecember 26, 1990Shot by deer poacher
ThomasJayDenistonIndianaOctober 16, 1990Aircraft crash.
AndrewA.KrakowWisconsinJune 5, 1990Shot by juvenile
WilliamBarrieDeckerTexasMay 26, 1990Boating Accident.
FranklinBruceHillTexasMay 26, 1990Boating Accident
DouglasJohnMorrisUS Fish and Wildlife ServiceJanuary 28, 1990Car/train accident
MaryEllenMonaghanUS Fish and Wildlife ServiceJanuary 9, 1990Vehicle accident
RayLynnBarnesFloridaNovember 21, 1987Shot by deer hunter
RobertC.BankerKentuckyMarch 19, 1987Shot
JamesC.VinesAlabamaJanuary 26, 1985Shot by night hunter.
MargaretE. (Peggy)ParkFloridaDecember 13, 1984Murdered
TerryL.HofferWashingtonNovember 10, 1984Shot by hunter
JamesS.WoodMississippiOctober 21, 1984Murdered
RoyJohnReedCaliforniaJune 7, 1984Vehicle pursuit
RobertA.FlyntCaliforniaMay 11, 1984Automobile accident
CliffordDeanStevensWyomingMay 24, 1983Vehicle accident
CecilC.ChatmanAlabamaNovember 28, 1982Assult
WilsonConleyElmsIdahoJanuary 5, 1981Shot by trapper
WilliamH.PogueIdahoJanuary 5, 1981Shot by trapper